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7th Annual ERM Leadership India Summit & Awards 2022

The fast-moving, global reach of the coronavirus has illustrated that a forward-looking approach to risk management is more important than ever. Organizations around the globe are struggling with the multidimensional set of risks it has unleashed. While no one could have predicted the nature, severity, or timing of the virus, it's clear that organizations should include such risk scenarios in future strategic discussions. The pandemic challenges leaders to stabilise amid crises and prepare for a newly uncertain future. The decisions businesses make in the near term will drive how the entity is sustained in the long term. How we adapt now will transform the use of enterprise risk management moving into the future

This year, the 7th Annual ERM Leadership India Summit & Awards 2022 focuses on how organisations can optimize their risk management teams for today's fast-changing environment characterized by short business cycles and empower them to think of innovative ways in decision making. Professionals from various companies will discuss the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and how companies can implement ERM processes into their business plans to navigate huge volumes of risks as they look towards a post-COVID world. Learn what enterprises should do now to rapidly respond to daily-changing market conditions with COVID-19, and how executives should identify and manage the largest upside, outside and downside risks associated with the pandemic.



  • Evaluating and defining the enterprise risk appetite framework
  • Decisive and quick action to mitigate the effects of pandemic
  • The evolved role of CRO and centralized risk function
  • Aligning ERM with organization strategy to create an apt response programme during and beyond COVID-19
  • Ensuring cybersecurity and prevention of data in the completely digital world
  • Effective risk assessment models for different industries


  • ERM and pandemic risk - Is Covid not a black swan event?
  • Developing a Consistent, Proactive ERM Approach to Navigate ESG Risks - Are corporates prepared for disruptive risks?
  • A discussion on emerging risk in post pandemic world - how to predict, prepare, and protect the organisation
  • Accelerating ERM program maturity through technology enablement
  • Leveraging risk analysis and tools to identify and address emerging risks
  • Rethinking the vendor risk management process - Aligning ERM perspective to 3rd party supplier risks


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Head of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Chief Financial Officer / Financial Controller
  • Chief of Internal Audit, Control & Compliance
  • Company Secretary & Head of Legal
  • Chairman & members of the Risk Management Committee
  • Head of Operational Risk
  • Head of Crisis Management
  • Head of Fraud Risk Management

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