Globalization, advancement in technology and the general fast pace of change have all come together to expand the business boundaries of organizations. This has resulted in altering the whole dynamics and heightened the competitiveness of the business environment within which they operate. This ever changing business environment has been witness to various ignominious breakdowns, from natural disasters to corporate frauds and scandals to financial crisis of global proportions. Bringing the spotlight to Enterprise Risk Management, a practice that has in the past primarily focused on immediate and hazardous risks and most widely deployed in the financial and insurance sectors. With ever increasing legal and regulatory burden and the growing complexities in business environments, the risk factor increases exponentially. Due to its enormous potential, India in particular is attracting the attention of the international business community faster than ever.

However, India has its own fair share of challenges which require to be managed in a more planned and professional manner; heightening the demand for a robust ERM framework across industries. Given the level of scrutiny is significant, companies cannot afford to ignore the financial, operational and reputational risks attached to their business activities. Companies are in urgent need of a new approach to meet the growing challenges of integrating new governance, risk and compliance practices at a global scale. With the success of the ERM Leadership Summit India 2016, we at Inventicon are ever more committed at delivering better and quality driven conferences, and are proud to present the 2nd edition of Enterprise Risk Management Leadership Summit 2017. The summit is aimed at bringing together ERM professionals across industries to discuss how to drive innovation in the ERM function, address the evolving nature of risk, how to enable an effective enterprise risk management framework.

Key Benefits

The 2nd Enterprise Risk Management – Leadership Summit 2017 is India’s most relevant and top level conference for Enterprise Risk Management professionals across industries.

Why should you attend?

Growing business complexities has increased the demand of a robust and sustainable ERM framework across industries. The ERM Leadership Summit 2016 is designed at helping analyse where organizations stand and how to move forward. Showcasing what others have done through best practise sharing. Meet the experts and hear what improvements/modifications can be made to your current ERM framework to adapt to ever evolving nature of risk and at the same time how to be compliant to the ever changing regulatory requirements. Have an enhanced understanding of the key risks and their implications, identification and sharing of cross business risks. Most importantly – Gain insights into Doing the right things the right way.
  • Meet ERM experts & professionals across industries
  • Opportunity to explore new collaborations
  • Best practice Sharing - Learn of the steps, strategies, techniques, methodologies of efficiently and effectively managing risks
  • Know of the emerging trends in risk management
  • Assessing your own organizations current ERM status and identifying areas of improvement

Who will you meet?

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Head of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Chief Financial Officer / Financial Controller
  • Chief of Internal Audit, Control & Compliance
  • Company Secretary & Head of Legal
  • Chairman & members of the Risk Management Committee
  • Head of Operational Risk
  • Head of Crisis Management
  • Head of Fraud Risk Management